Cochrane Family - Albury-Wodonga Newborn and family photographer

Well, who knew I could write 2 blogs in a week!! Look at me kicking those goals....

Most of you reading this might be familiar with my work. Most people are aware that I do golden sunset family photos with a gorgeous vista and maybe a dandelion for good measure. And I LOVE those sessions - I mean who doesn't love a good sunset? But my other passion is being welcomed into someone's home to capture their family and their life in the space that means the most to them.

I can definitely say I don't prefer one over the other. Outdoor sessions are fun, energetic (especially with kids!) and those sunsets are just magic. But in-home are just so unique. Every session has such a personal feel to them. Every house is different. Some are brand new and have huge windows and massive amounts of light. Others are from another era, glorious in their age, with little pockets of lights, and so many stories hidden among those walls. We are so lucky to live in this area, Albury, Wodonga and the surrounding areas has some wonderfully unique homes, both old and new.

As a photographer, I LOVE the challenge that each different home gives me. I LOVE being welcomed into someone's home and (after handing over the coffees of course) being asked for a tour and looking at the light in each room, how the rooms have been furnished and how best I think I'd be able to capture the family in their space.

This session was done earlier this year, on what can only be described as one of the darkest days I've had the joy of photographing on!! Thankfully cameras these days have an amazing ability to capture images in low-light!

If you've ever thought about an in-home session I've love to hear from you! And despite what most of the photos in my portfolio show, you don't have to have a newborn to book an in-home session! During winter when the weather is a tad more unpredictable is a great time to book!!

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