The faceless, headless and legless shots - Albury-Wodonga lifestyle photographer

Ok, so title might not explain itself very well, but stick with me here...

When I scroll through my Instagram feed I'm bombarded with so many images from the hundreds upon hundreds of photographers that I follow, but the ones I stop and look at are the ones that hit you in the gut. The ones that knock the wind out of you. I'm always drawn to the emotion, the feeling in it. The photos I love the most are ones where you just feel. You can feel exactly what you see. Sometimes you feel exactly what you can't see. I knew I was drawn to those images, but what I didn't realise was there was something else common to almost all the photos I love the most. They are almost always faceless, headless or at least there are some limbs and body parts cropped off. And what I also didn't realise was that the photos I loved the most of the ones I've taken myself are exactly the same thing.

So this is my ode to my headless, faceless and limbless shots!

Karen Webb2 Comments