whole-hearted photography for the unique, honest and free-spirited humans of this world - Albury Wodonga and surrounds



Every one’s got a story…

Maybe you want to shout it from the mountain tops

or maybe you don’t realise you’ve got one that needs to be told

Let me help you and show you yours

The way your husband looks at you when you laugh

The way you stroke your daughters hair

The way your son snuggles his face into your neck

That special way your fiance holds your hand

How round your pregnant belly is or tiny your baby is in those first few weeks of life

Some days life is so busy, and so hard that we forget to be quiet and listen to our own unique story

I want to help you find that quiet so you can remember these moments

Because life doesn’t wait…




Hi, I’m Karen

I’m a photographer

I’m a mum to 2 crazy girls

I’m a partner to my other half of the last 16 years

I’m a gardener (sometimes more successfully than other times)

I rarely wear makeup and I pretty much have a mum-bun 99% of the time

I’m a lover of the outdoors and mountain tops, of valleys and dusty plains

i’m a lover of creating things, cooking things, knitting things and growing things

I’m a lover of quiet nights on the couch watching Netflix, of Uggboots and cups of herbal tea

I’m a human who feels over loaded with emotion and some days lacking the language to express myself

I’m a lover of good coffee and good chats, of delicious wine and quiet contemplation, of glasses of gin and lots of laughs

I’m someone who can talk to much and laugh too loud

I’m a lover of golden sunsets and overcast days, of sunlight dancing through trees and over brown fields of wheat

I’m a lover of light and shadow and of genuine, honest humans and of mashing these things together in an array of endless possibility

Let me tell your story…

Photo of me by the very clever Sarah Black Photography

Photo of me by the very clever Sarah Black Photography