The Real Florist - behind the scenes - Albury photographer

Ever wondered what it's like running a business from home with small kids?

It's tough.

Really tough.

There's never down time. You never get to switch off. When you're not parenting, you're working, and when you're not working you're parenting. And often you're doing both at once. There is ALWAYS something to be done. Invoicing. Washing dishes. Making lunches. Replying to emails. Putting kids to bed. Ordering supplies. Changing nappies. The late, late nights just trying to get some work done after the kids are FINALLY asleep. And I think we'll all admit - a little too much telly time for the kids some days. But you know what? Our kids also get to see us working our butts off to see us doing something that we love, achieve our own dreams, making our own money, pay our own taxes and save our own super!

I was once told that it was a really brave thing that I did when I started my business. My response? I didn't think it was brave. And if I had known how hard and relentless it really was I possibly wouldn't have done it. But I'm so glad I did. As tough as it is, it is also SO rewarding. I started with my head in the sand a little, and didn't know what I was getting myself in for and that truthfully for me was the best way. Each time you hit a hurdle, you work on that one hurdle until you've overcome it, and push towards the next one. There's always going to be a next one. Each one gives you chance to learn something more about business or yourself.

And in terms of self employed ladies. This one is one of the hardest working ladies I've met. This is Renee from The Real Florist. And she's kick a*se!! If you want some gorgeous blooms look no further than her.

Florals and Gorgeous Girls

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! One of my many new business goals for this year! I'll be sharing images from sessions I have previously done, sessions I shoot throughout the year, and whatever else I feel like as I go. So please feel free to support me!

I'll start off by sharing some gorgeous images from a collaborative shoot I did with the gorgeous Renee from Flowers with KR and Co.  On a sunny summer Sunday evening we headed to Lake Hume with a gaggle of little girls. Our aim was to dress them up in beautiful dresses, accessorise them with some of Renee's floral crowns and let them have fun while I took some photos. And have fun they did! They danced, they played, they had tea parties, and the finale - we let them play, swim and splash in the water, with one condition - they leave their flower crowns and their dresses on. I was surprised they were all hesitant at first. I don't think they could quite believe that they had been given permission to get their clothes and flower crowns wet, but it didn't take them long to get in the groove and dive in head first (literally).

This shoot was to showcase some of the gorgeous work that Renee does, so if you're in the Albury area, please cheak out her work and if you're looking for something special contact her to see what she can do for you!

And as something special for your family session with me, I am more than happy to feature some of Renee's flower crowns in our shoots. Contact myself or Renee to discuss this further. (We only ask that you organise it far enough in advance so Renee can accommodate your requests!)