Photographing a fellow Photographer! Albury-Wodonga family photography

When you get an email from a friend and fellow photographer asking if you can please take her photos there is a certain emotion which comes along with that. It's a weird emotion to describe. Sheer terror is one. Proud is another. And the rest fall somewhere on the spectrum between these two.

So when Bec of Forever Pixels Photography asked me if I could take photos of her and her husband for their wedding anniversary I was quietly proud that another photographer would ask me to take her photo, while quietly panicking that I would fail and be judged and be exposed for being a fraud and all that self-talk which goes along with feeling exposed and vulnerable!!

Pretty sure everyone feels like this at some point! Those moments when I feel most exposed are those moments when the self-talk is at its peak - I can almost convince myself that I'm going to fail, that I don't belong in this field, that I'm not a real photographer... Then I remember how much I absolutely love photography. How when I see the perfect combination of a great sunset and a fun loving family or couple which have asked ME to take their photos, and it just makes my heart sing!! Once I start a photo session these fears disappear as I get myself completely lost in the moment.

Of course, none of those worst fears actually happened. We had a glorious sunset along my favourite hill, and lots of laughter and fun and ended up with a gorgeous gallery of images for Bec and James!

Smoky sunset, loved up engagement photos and a pooch! - Albury-Wodonga Photographer

Some days I have those moments when I realise just how lucky I am. Today was one of those days. As I was finishing up this gallery and trying to figure out what to write for this blog and the thought occurred to me that I've been in business less than 12 months and I've had the joy to photograph many different people and families in that time. But 2 of those photography sessions were of other local photographers. I'm not one to boast or brag, but I'm actually pretty proud that other people within this industry have put their trust in me to capture some moments for them. So thanks Carris (Captivated Photography) and now Jorja (Sparrow Photography)!

This session was auctioned off as part of the fundraiser for Cristy and Lucy Jacka after the sad passing of their husband and dad earlier this year. So thanks again to Jorja for bidding and winning the session!

Between Jorja winning this session and the date she picked, her and her now fiance Matt got engaged, so lucky for them, this doubled up as an engagement shoot! And they also brought along their fur baby Odie to join in!

The secret wedding I was asked to photograph - albury lifestyle photographer

Ok, it wasn't really the wedding I was asked to photograph - I'm not a wedding photographer, nor would I pretend to be. But I was asked if I could take some family photos after this gorgeous couple had their sneaky registry wedding. I am a family photographer, so I happily said yes.

Stacey and Daniel's story started 6 years ago in Townsville, and resumed again 2 years ago. Between then and now they've had a gorgeous little boy, who is now a healthy 6 months old. Stacey and Daniel decided to keep things low-key and private for their registry wedding, only having Daniel's long time best friend Tim & his family along for the ride! And Stacey's dress and ring only turning up on the morning of the wedding!!

In discussing which location we should head to, Stacey decided to check out some photos from my portfolio, and every picture she picked was taken in the same location - easy decision! We agreed to meet up on Eastern Hill  -f you're probably quickly realising is one of my favourite outdoor locations for sunset photos. And with an uninterrupted view west - why wouldn't it be!

We had a beautiful evening for photos, a little cloud which only added to the colour and background of the photos.

Enjoy viewing this happy couple!