Welcome Baby Harvey - Capture by Karen - Albury-Wodonga Newborn and Family Photographer

Newborns and toddlers! What’s not to love?? They’re simultaneously calm and chaotic. A reminder of how fleeting that newborn phase really is, and what lies ahead. Newborns don’t move, don’t whinge, and are very obliging. Toddlers are.. ahem, not any of those. And I LOVE photographing the unexpected combined chaos of them!!

You might surprised to find that a lot of my newborn families don’t actually book their sessions until after bub is born! I’ve never actually asked why, and to tell you the truth, I really don’t mind. The great thing about my style of photography is that it doesn’t matter what age your bub is - they can be 3 days old or 3 months old. Asleep or awake. Settled and content or whinging and needing a feed. I go with the flow. I embrace the chaos. I capture what is happening.

Mikala contacted me on a Friday in August, and I had a spot available so we did their session on the following Wednesday!! It was a cold, wet, grey, drab day outside. Yet inside was cosy and warm.

I’m totally a last minute lady, so I’m absolutely on board a last minute decision to book! However, as we move into the warmer months, my calendar gets decidedly booked out in advance… I have only 4 (yep FOUR) midweek sessions left for 2018 - these can be either in-home or sunset, and only 1 (O.N.E!) weekend session (again either in-home or sunset) remaining between now and the New Year!

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