Cheshire Family Sunset Session - Albury Family Photographer

I've had the joy of knowing this family since Penni and I were brand new mums, with brand new babies, and having no idea what we were doing. We swapped war stories, gave each other advice and attempted to even motivate each other to go running with our babes in prams! One of the most important things a mum can have is a community of people around her, some that have been there, some that are going through it too, some that haven't but are there anyway - because they love you! We met at Mother's Group when our babies were only a matter of weeks old. We are so lucky that we had a wonderful group of women who all came together in that room those winter days 5 years ago, and are still in contact. (You ladies know who you are - and I think it's time we organised another dinner out again too!!!).

Penni was one of the first people to stick her hand up and offer her kids for me, so I could start to practice photographing kids other than my own. That was only last year when I was thinking maybe I could start a business from this thing I loved doing so much. And I even photographed her kids on this same hill almost exactly 12 months ago to the day of doing these photos. Needless to say I've come a LONG way since then!!

Again, we were so lucky to get another beautiful sunset for this shoot. I've been so lucky so far!

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!