January Competition Winner shoot - sunset river session

As many of you are probably aware, I ran a competition in early January to win a free family photography session with me. Thank you to everyone who shared, commented and liked my post and my Facebook page!  I had a huge response to the competition and was overwhelmed with the number of people keen to win. Facebook is a wonderful medium to help get the word out there about what I do and increase my exposure, so thank you all for helping. Keep an eye out, I may run another competition again a bit later in the year.

Hayley and her family were the lucky winners. She chose to undertake the session pretty quickly after it was announced, and at a location she had seen me take photos of a friend of hers late last year. She was also happy to have the session take place at sunset, which many would know is my favourite time to take photos. As you will be able to see from the photos below, the colours and tones at sunset are just divine, they cannot be replicated at any other time of day (except of course sunrise!! Though so far no one has taken up my offer of a sunrise photo session!). There are no harsh, unforgiving shadows, and the sky and sun can add extra depth to the photos. In summer especially, sunset is far and away the best time to shoot. I understand some kids are in bed early (mine included!!) but if it can be managed to add a day sleep or extend a day sleep I always suggest it.

During this session little Miss M was not so keen to participate, and often a lot of young kids her age are the same. The benefit of choosing a lifestyle session for your next family photo is the ability to adapt our sessions to how the kids are feeling.

Enjoy browsing some of the photos from our session